Exceeding Your CLIA Regulatory Consulting Goals

I have extensive experience with CLIA rules, policy, and procedures for accepting Plans of Correction (POC) and Allegations of Compliance (AOC).


I will frame my client’s response and show acceptable evidence of correction so that it is accepted by the inspector the first time.

The best way to avoid running afoul with CMS, the state, or even an accrediting organization such as (COLA, CAP or TJC) is to be always ready for an inspection.


Having the necessary documentation present at the time the inspector shows up at your door is critical to passing an inspection with no deficiencies.


Avoid wasting time correcting deficiencies or paying expensive penalties and fines because you could not show the proper documentation for regulatory requirements.  


Have a knowledge CMS CLIA consultant on your side when it comes to dealing with the government or accrediting organization.

I know and have lived and breathed CLIA regulatory requirements for over 20-years.


I will ensure there are no surprises come inspection time.

Arendash Consulting Services can show you affordable improvements to your lab testing menu to enable this in your office laboratory because I have partnered with a lab supply representative who can offer you lower cost options for expanding your test menu while still providing high quality test results with fast turn-around-times. 

Did you know that when you change or add specialties or upgrade from Moderate to High Complexity with CLIA, the State can conduct an inspection as early as 3 months after receiving your updated application?  Will your lab be ready?


Arendash Consulting Services will ensure this process is done correctly with all necessary documentation the inspector will want to see come inspection time.

Arendash Consulting Services has the experience and knowledge to ensure this process goes smoothly and is completed on time and done right the first time.


Worked alongside contractors and architects to help design efficient and innovative, fixed, and modular laboratory spaces for small to large scale lab spaces.

Let Arendash Consulting Services, help you because:


I have contacts in all the State CLIA offices in the mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern United States that will process your application.


I will ensure that your application is filled out correctly so that it is accepted and processed in the fastest manner by the State office, so you will be seeing your new revenue income stream sooner rather than later.

Arendash Consulting Services can provide you with proven, reliable and innovative solutions via onsite and/or remote visits to enable your facility to show proper CLIA regulatory compliance at time of inspections.


Regulatory consulting knowledge that can only come from someone who has formerly worked with CMS for over 20 years. 

The owner and consultant is a regulatory qualified individual with over 20 years pertinent experience in the specialties of hematology, clinical chemistry, endocrinology, urinalysis, serology and bacteriology.


Possesses 10 years of clinical laboratory leadership skills gained through his time managing and supervising laboratory personnel while serving in the United States military.

Arendash Consulting Services can assist:


The owner and consultant has 10 years of experience in developing, writing, and implementing policies and procedures for clinical laboratories.


Wrote policies and procedures that did not just meet the requirements from accreditation organizations like CAP, COLA, and TJC, but often exceed them.

Why should you hire a technical consultant?

Are you looking to start-up a clinical laboratory and have no idea what you need to do for complying with CLIA or another accrediting agency? Arendash Consulting Services can provide you with in-dept answers and affordable solutions that will ensure compliance or help you become accredited.


Do you have an upcoming CLIA survey or accreditation inspection? Arendash Consulting Services can evaluate your compliance readiness and create documentation that will fill any gaps you may have that will be acceptable to the inspector.


Did you recently have a CLIA survey or accreditation inspection and need to respond to either major deficiencies or citations?  Let Arendash Consulting Services, create a comprehensive plan, and properly worded response (Plan of Correction (POC) or Allegation of Compliance (AOC)) for you that is sure to satisfy any surveyor/inspector.

Your Trusted Provider of CLIA Regulatory Consulting: Arendash Consulting Services, is an independent laboratory technical consultant who helps physician office and independent clinical laboratory’s show CLIA compliance using proven processes combined with previous experience and professional knowledge, so the lab director can be confident in knowing their lab is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

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