Experts in Clinical Laboratory Consulting

Ensuring Your Compliance With All CLIA and Accreditation Requirements

Experts in Clinical Laboratory Consulting

Ensuring Your Compliance With All CLIA and Accreditation Requirements

Experts in Clinical Laboratory Consulting

Ensuring Your Compliance With All CLIA and Accreditation Requirements

Your Trusted Provider of CLIA Regulatory Consulting

Arendash Consulting Services, is an independent laboratory technical consultant who helps physician office (POL) and independent clinical laboratory's show Clinical laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) compliance using proven processes combined with previous experience and professional knowledge, so the lab director can be confident in knowing their lab is fully compliant with regulatory requirements, and in doing so, spend more time focused on their patients.

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Eric Luke Arendash, MT(ASCP)
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Why Choose Arendash Consulting Services

For any business operating a clinical laboratory that tests specimens derived from the human body, ensuring your operations are follows all of the CLIA regulations and/or accreditation requirements are important and a must. When you choose Arendash Consulting Services, you are partnering with a laboratory technical consultant who has:

  • Over 20 years of pertinent experience in CMS as I was the surveyor, and I possess a strong knowledge of is required to show compliance.
  • Over 40 years combined experience in the laboratory industry, I have the leadership experience and the critical laboratory skills to educate others on how best to show compliance. 

My Guarantee

Arendash Consulting Services was established by a former CMS employee, so you can be assured:

  • I will offer intuitive industry insights regarding showing CLIA compliance when delivering my products that only an insider would know.
  • I am so confident in my ability to offer you the best in CLIA regulatory consulting that I offer a guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with my consulting services. 
  • I take fully responsibility for the quality of my work, should any other issues be found, I will resolve them at no charge (Terms and Conditions Apply).
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For many clients in the lab testing industry, ensuring your operations are following all the regulations is important. At Arendash Consulting Services, I strive to provide expert Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) regulatory lab consulting services. I focus on serving small physician’s offices as well as independent and large clinical labs throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US East Coast.

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Why should you hire a technical consultant?

  • Are you looking to start-up a clinical laboratory and have no idea what you need to do for complying with CLIA or another accrediting agency? Arendash Consulting Services can provide you with in-dept answers and affordable solutions that will ensure compliance or help you become accredited.
  • Do you have an upcoming CLIA survey or accreditation inspection? Arendash Consulting Services can evaluate your compliance readiness and create documentation that will fill any gaps you may have that will be acceptable to the inspector.
  • Did you recently have a CLIA survey or accreditation inspection and need to respond to either major deficiencies or citations?  Let Arendash Consulting Services, create a comprehensive plan, and properly worded response (Plan of Correction (POC) or Allegation of Compliance (AOC)) for you that is sure to satisfy any surveyor/inspector.


My goal is to provide my clients with the expert opinions they need to comply with all the regulatory requirements. For more information regarding the services Eric offers, reach out to him today.